heidi morgenstern

everyone’s asleep but a voice breaks through...

“everyone’s asleep but a voice breaks through...” saw the institut für wahre kunst clear its throat and murmur doubts about institutions. the spatial design of the room itself reflected the cosy warmth of early autumn, yet the old sign on the door proclaimed “enter at your own risk”. this threat was juxtaposed against the sound of boisterous children, which filtered through ventilation slats in the door. visitors who plucked up the courage to open the door and peer inside were greeted by a radical change of scenery: our installation at the “begehungen” event in chemnitz gathered together a hard-working class of school pupils – in the form of a circle of 28 air-scything electric bread-cutting machines. the dusty floral patterns of the curtains and the variously coloured devices seemed like autumnal leaves on brown earth proclaiming the onset of winter, yet the ridge of high pressure which brought warm rays and glistening skies to all four days of the festival gave participating artists an indian summer to savour.



a classroom-installation by

:: nina schmidt :: saskia göldner ::
:: elke jänicke  :: lysann németh ::