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the chosen ones II

performance & installation

07.01.2012 – 19.01.2012
06.01.2012 :: 19.00 :: vernissage

opening performance
by the institut für wahre kunst 
feat. holger weidauer and
eva & sören högel 

halle an der saale, april 2011.
outside the shop window the hours
pass by. inside a grey spell is cast by the temporary telephone laboratory in which we – as interviewers – make contact with “people whose sphere of work is linked to the promotion of the arts”.
a performance becomes a study into the “behavior of patrons on the german art market”. Our work is only at an end once we have hammered answers to the final question word-for-word into our key-boards: how should an artist go about actively searching for a patron?

the statements made in response include ideas with a romantic hue, and engage in a merry dance with the more financially influenced keywords swirling around our own heads: action, self-marketing, networking, middlemen, publicity, making contact! looking for a patron is like looking for a partner. looking for a patron necessitates marketing strategies. metaphorical romanticism wrestles with economic analysis.

berlin, december 2011.
we take the advice gained in the open telephone laboratory literally, and escape from the usual structure of prefabricated studies. “why shouldn’t artists opt for a sham marriage?” asks our artistic instinct. “why be so theoretical?” responds our capacity for action. there is obviously only one way forward: we slip into wedding dresses and take to the streets, to building walls, to magazines and every other niche in the public space which can bear the message of our sham marriage campaign. we go on the offensive, and want rings on our fingers but no contact with the groom. the institut für wahre kunst is on the prowl for potential financiers – ‘til art do us part...

grüntaler straße 9
13357 berlin-wedding

supported by
international research center
"interweaving performance cultures"
at freie universität berlin 

auswertung der studie
"mäzenatisches verhalten in der deutschen kunstbranche"

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