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schwarz lang

fear eat pillar up

a documentary film by the
institut für wahre kunst

vernissage & picnic

02.10.2012 :: 4 p.m.
public green space at the former
municipal office gaschwitz

supported by
kulturbahnhof e.v. 













summer between plagwitz and markkleeberg: suitcases bulging with our art as democratic culture grant, we mount rented bicycles and conquer the stretch from west leipzig to gaschwitz and großstädteln. the two districts form part of markkleeberg, and perch like pearls on the river pleiße. ideas ripen as we wilt in the sun.

how does life feel in places like this? where does the urban finish and the rural begin? how does a neighbourhood take root in a narrow strip of heimat which was menaced by diggers prior to reunification and only just escaped a barren future as a lunar landscape?

the final preparations completed at jelängerjelieber, we fill our sails with fresh wind and navigate the curiously entangled paths of town, river and county: the institut für wahre kunst gets out onto set and has conversations which transcend garden fences, generations and borders. a documentary film will follow…